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“How are you? What can I do for you? How did the SC Freiburg game go?!”
We always take the time for a few personal words. Our interpersonal approach also verifiably leads the way to your sense of well-being. Paired with the immediate availability of our extensive range of medicinal products as well as a large and modern warehouse in the background, we are able to directly meet approximately 90% of our customers’ requirements/prescriptions. Round about 8,000 of our items are permanently in stock.

Alternatively, you can easily order via App and pick your order up later or have it delivered to your home – with Payback credits for your benefit. We can even import foreign medicinal products for you, provided they comply with the statutory regulations. Your visit to Löwen Apotheke is our pleasure!


This App not only allows you to hand in your prescription or e-prescription and place pre-orders for our entire non-prescription product range, but also allows you to collect Payback credits!
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Please note that we are only permitted to issue prescription items upon receipt of an original copy of your prescription.


Please upload a photo of your prescription or the product here, or fill in the field “Your Order” and send it. We will contact you shortly.



    *Mandatory details


    Löwen Apotheke is a third generation, owner managed business which, over the years, has developed into a modern service center, without losing its original charm.

A personal conversation with you was and is the basis for a reliable consultation on medicinal products, cosmetics and nutrition. Our team is motivated, undergoes regular training and is exceptionally attentive. Of course, we are ready to assist you with competent advice in all matters related to your health. We happily provide you with our very special service.

    By the way:
    We are QMS-certified according to the international DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.


    Of course, we have all the regular medicinal products in stock. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Please also feel free to speak to us about drug therapy, blood sugar levels and blood glucose meters. A useful link on this topic is

    We regularly undergo further training in the field of pharmaceutical care for senior citizens. Drug interactions and side-effects have to be closely monitored in patients with multimorbidity.

    As qualified pharmacists we are able to respond individually to and provide customized solutions for the intake of medication – based on patient consultations with and medication data from the attending physicians as well as lab results.

    We are happy to explain your laboratory results and findings to you in more detail. Blood glucose levels, creatinine, folic acid, liver values … we are experts and able to provide you with all the advice and support you may need.

    What kind of food is healthy for me? What should I look out for? There are plenty of questions related to this topic. We have a well-trained team and are able to provide you with the answers.

    Approximately 150 million people suffer from respiratory problems, shortness of breath and severe coughing attacks. The causes of these symptoms vary greatly. Often allergies are the underlying cause. Would you like to find out more? Simply ask us. For useful tips, please see www.daa-b.de.

    Circulatory disorders due to low or high blood pressure? Your health is important to us. Here too we have the necessary qualifications and certifications. Of course, you are welcome to have your blood pressure measured here with us.

    We are deeply passionate and committed to providing you with products for the care of your skin because if you feel good it contributes to a healthy lifestyle. We offer selected ranges from prestigious cosmetics manufacturers.

    Lierac www.lierac.de

    Phyto www.phyto.de

    Vichy www.vichyconsult.de

    Avène www.avene.de

    La Roche-Posay www.larocheposay.de

    Dr. Hauschka www.dr.hauschka.de

    Widmer www.louis-widmer.de

    Weleda www.weleda.de

    Compression stockings are prescribed by your doctor for venous diseases such as thrombosis or varicose veins and then individually customized by us. For this purpose, we have a big selection and are able to provide you with a detailed and professional consultation. Please don’t hesitate to ask us.

    We will readily obtain approval from your health insurance for the assistive device prescribed for you, order it and assist you with the application.

    We are also happy to create suitable formulations for your special needs. Due to many years of experience and regular further training, we are prepared for challenges of any kind. In addition to ointments and creams, we also create individual tea blends, roll-on deodorants, capsules and much more.

    Please let us know as early as possible when and where you would like to travel to. We will then create an individual plan for your vaccinations as well as an appropriate first-aid kit.

    There are over 800 different types of ticks worldwide. Many of them are dangerous, as they can transmit bacteria or viruses. We can advise you on how to protect yourself from ticks, the available vaccinations and how to remove them. Lice are particularly widespread in schools and kindergartens. Find out from us what you can do, if the worst comes to the worst.

    Check your medicine cabinet once a year! A lot of medication has expired. Find out from us what you should always have at home in your cabinet.

    Micronutrients support your health. Individual preparations provide your body with what it is missing. We can provide you with a detailed consultation on all the available Orthomol products. Find out more by looking at www.orthomol.de

    We will help you find the right sun protection product. Sun protection factor, UVA protection, water resistance, tolerability – with today’s wide range of products it’s easy to lose track. We will recommend a high-quality product that is suitable for you.

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